Get up every morning looking wide eyed and fresh. Eyeliner can be done to enhance your lashes or as a thin, medium or thick eyeliner to frame and make your eyes stand out!


Lip Treatment for voluptuous lips  and symmetry.  Choice of liner only to defined lips or in with full lip color for the appearance of vibrant stand out lips, all day!


Great Eyebrows frame our face!  Sparse eyebrows?  Difficult to draw on? Do your brows wear off or smear?  Powdered Brows or Microblading could be for you.

Things to Know

You work hard and have little time in the morning, so treating yourself to an Eyeliner, Lip or an Microblading treatment isn’t out of the question; In fact, it might be exactly what you need to let go of the morning rush stress and eliminate fifteen to twenty minutes from your morning routine, giving you more time to enjoy your coffee or just get on with your day looking fresh and ready!
MEN'S Masculine Brows done as well!


The Beauty of Permanent Cosmetics



The initial color intensity of your tattoo procedure is sharper and darker than  final  outcome after healing is complete.  Full healing period is 5-7 wks.

No alcohol, asprin, fish oils, vitamin E    or caffine 24 hrs prior to appt.

  • Avoid Retinol, facial peels or tanning           3 days prior to appointment
  • No blood thinning medications 1 week prior to appointment
  • Do not wear contacts to your appt.
  • If you are pregnant or nursing, it is NOT advised to have tattooing done.

for Lips: anyone with a history of cold sores/fever blisters requires a prescription from physician to be started prior to appointment.

Please no small children.